O’Hare International Airport App

Tabular Design - UX/UI Design

A digital screen display that demonstrates the abilities to develop a visual/typographic system that would be implemented in a information system for a phone and transportation terminal. This system involves complex content: tabular hierarchy, numerical data, imagery, and potential symbols.

The ultimate goal of my display is to create a sense of peace of mind about the passenger’s flight. I wanted to make the flight management process seamless, efficient and stress free.

Establishing Hierarchy

Hierarchy is crucial in tabular design as it helps users perceive and understand the data more efficiently. Its purpose constructs clear organization and facilitates navigational aid. By visually grouping similar data elements or categorizing them into sections or columns, users can discern patterns and relationships more effectively.
01.   Arrival vs Departure        
        Factor that differentiates the group of airlines

           A.   Terminal
                  e.g. Terminal 5

           B.   Airline
                  Organized in alphabetical order

                   i. City
                    Organized in chronological order by flight time
                    Paired with airport code and flight number
                   ii. Flight Status
Organized in chronological order by flight time
                    Paired with airport code and flight number

                   iii. Gate
Paired with flight time


Frutiger is the typeface primarily used all around the O’Hare International Airport. For my screen display, I decided to use Forma DJR Deck because--not only was it more accessible--it had similar qualities: excellent legibility, clean and neutral aesthetic, and versatile.


Deciding on a color scheme was quite easy. With O’Hare International Airport being a place of aviation and having a reputation as one of the busiest airports in the world, it was fitting for the app to consists of different tones of blue. Blue inspires passengers with the idea of loyalty and reliability.

Status Indication

I used a collection of 5 different airplane symbols to visually convey the status of each flight. This method also provides a visual alternative to represent textual information for those who have reading difficulties, language barriers, and cognitive impairments. Shown is each symbol and what they stand for.