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Up On A Hydro Pole ( 6 )

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Combine the traditional form of haiku poetry with visual art to create a holistic, immersive experience that engages the audience’s senses, emotions, and intellectual curiosity. Visual and textual elements should offer a deeper understanding of the haiku's themes while allowing for creative interpretation.


The contrast between a modern human and an insect that beens around for millions of years creates an intriguing juxtaposition. The poem seems to convey the idea of blending the human-made world with the natural world, suggesting that even in the midst of human activities and technological advancements, there's a connection to the rhythms of nature.



/    COLOR

I intentionally chose these colors, drawn not only by their harmonious fusion but also by their resonance with the interplay of nature and technology.



For this project, I was limited to a choice of two fonts: Sofia or Didot. I chose Sofia because I thought a geometric sans-serif best fit the simplicity of the haiku.